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Raschel lace
Raschel lace
Raschel lace
Jacquard lace
Jacquard lace
Textronic lace
Textronic lace

GuangZhou HuaHai Garment Accessory Co.,Ltd.is developed from Guangzhou Huahai Lacework Sales Departmen., it is specialized in producing and dealing tricot lace and lace fabric more than ten years,the good service and marketing way get most customers’ admiration and support in Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions.
Through more than ten years experience in makret,we extend our knowledge of saleing and technology, also familiar with mostly production and skill of Weft Knitting, specially in lacework production,we already reach a professional level able to satisfy with mostly requirements from customers.

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To supply better service and become more responsible,we keep improving and developing,, GuangZhou HuaHai Garment Accessory Ltd. was set up at Nov.2006,meanwhile, under most weft knitting manufacturers support,we study new patterns to perfect products and make various kinds styles. Now there are more than 40 pcs computerized lace machines are working together((TL66/1/36、TL31/1/24、JL65/1B、JL42/1、MRPJF59/1/24、MRSJF54/1/24、MRSJF53/1/24、MRSEJF31/1/24、MRSJ73/1、MRSJ56/1、MRSJ43/1、MRE29/24SU、RSJ4/1、MRES57SU、RSE4-1、MRSS42、MRS56SUP、DSE-H21/30NC0), the annual production capability of the our factory can reach to more than 10 million yards.
Since the company established, we are taking the service tenet of “Faithful, Professional, Devoted, Practical, Innovational and Customer first”, to offer our customers the higher quality service. In the future market, our laces will be recognized by more and more customers, it’ll be developing in the fields of the fashion and the underwear, and as the main materials, its pattern and style will be more plentiful. The company is promising to take the success with the customers.
   In 2006, “Hua hai hua” lace was registered in the State Trademark Office. By adhering to the service concept of “Hua hai lace - always with you”, we made more customers known and recognized “Hua hai lace”. Our products have more than  3000 styles, to make sure the customers to find the well-fit laces, and make them feel the “Hua hai lace” always with them.
The company is specialized in Jacquard Lace, Textronic Lace, Elastic or Inelastic Warp Knitted Lace, Elastic Mesh, Inelastic Mesh, Embroidery Lace, etc. They are used for the underwear, fashion, toy, kid’s wear, hand bag, craft and curtain. We also accept the order which processing on supply sample. You’re welcome to take order by phone or come to negotiate with us directly.
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